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Wig Care



Wig Care

• Try to use very lightweight products to avoid a greasy look. 

• When ironing, never turn your iron to the highest heat setting, a good rule for hair in general. Medium to medium high heat, no higher than 375 degrees, will achieve your desired look.

• When washing, never bring the ends of the hair to the roots and swirl around. This creates unnecessary tangling. Instead, run your hands with shampoo in the same direction as the hair follicles.

If your wig has been colored, be sure to use a professional shampoo (preferably sulfate free) for color treated hair and moisture.

• Always condition after shampooing


• Lace is delicate with hairs that are hand tied and can be pulled out of the lace with too much tension. Be sure to place your hand near the roots of the hair while detangling to avoid unnecessary tension. 


And remember, it’s just like your own hair in terms of using too much tension, too much heat, or too heavy of a product.

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